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Hungary: A Brief History

by István Lázár

i. Title Page

1. The Prehistory of the Region
2. One Must Descend From Some Place
3. "From the Arrows of the Hungarians..."
4. Saints out of Wolves
5. Cursed and Blessed Kings
6. The Fleur-de-lis and the Raven
7. In the Wan Light of the Crescent
8. Hey, Thököly and Rákóczi
9. Maria with a Crown, Joseph with a Hat
10. Hang the Kings!
11. The Compromise and the Millennium
12. From Sarajevo to Trianon
13. The Red and the White
14. Death Bend
15. Almost Half a Century, or Half My Lifetime

A. List of Hungary's Kings
B. Foreign Queens of Hungary
C. Note on E-Book Edition