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Partido Democrático


    Founded in January, 1909, it held its general assembly on January 22nd. Its leaders were:

President:                    Benito Juárez Maza
Vice Presidents:           Manuel Calero
                                   José Peón del Valle
Secretaries:                  Jesús Rueta
                                   Diódoro Batalla
                                   Rafael Zuarán Capmani
                                   Carlos Trejo y Lerdo de Tejada

Undersecetraries:         Abraham Castellanos
                                    Manuel Castelazo y Fuentes
                                    José G. Ortiz

Treasurer:                    Carlos Basave y del Castillo Negrete 
Assistant treasurer:       Mauricio Gómez  

    Its platform called for liberty in human affairs, abiding by the Constitution of 1857, municipal autonomy, independence of the judiciary, the reintroduction of the office of Vice President of the nation, and the reelection of President General Porfirio Díaz. Some wanted to have Benito Juárez Maza, son of the famous Liberal leader, named by Díaz as the vice presidential candidate.
    The party's significance lies in it accepting the dictatorship of Díaz but trying to get in position to assume power when Díaz died, which it thought would be soon since Díaz would be 80 years old in 1910.

Based on Juan López de Escalera, Diccionario Biográfico y de Historia de México. México, Editorial del Magisterio, 1964, pp. 830.

 Don Mabry