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Orozco, José Clemente (1883-1949)

    Born in 1883 in Zapotlán, Jalisco, he began studying agricultural engineering in Mexico City about 1900. He also studied architectural design in the Academy of Fine Arts. He began painting in 1909 but did not exhibit them until 1915. The Mexican Revolution was ongoing and his work reflects its fight against oppression. In 1922, he painted frescos in the National Preparatory School.  From 1927 to 1934, he traveled in the United States, painting   murals in various buildings. In Jalisco, he painted a mural in the Palacio de Gobierno and the cupola of the Hospicio Cabañas. He died on September 7, 1949 in Mexico City.

Don Mabry

Based on Juan López de Escalera, Diccionario Biográfico y de Historia de México. México, Editorial del Magisterio, 1964. pp.796.