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Mexican History Chronology: Independence through the French Intervention

Mexican History Chronology: Independence through the French Intervention

© 2001 Donald J. Mabry

1810-1811 Independence movement of Miguel Hidalgo crushed

1811-1815 Independence movement of José Maria Morelos crushed

1815-1829 Independence movement as guerrilla activity

1820 Conservatives choose Agustín de Iturbide to lead independence

1821 Independence effected by Iturbide

1821-22 Provisional government of Iturbide

1822-23 Emperor Agustín Iturbide I

1823 Loss of Guatemala and Central America

1824 Federal republican government established under new constitution

1824-28 Presidency of Guadalupe Hidalgo

1825 Joel Poinsett arrives as U.S. representative

    Freemasonry in politics

1827 Expulsion of Spanish

    Nicolas Bravo revolt suppressed

1828 Ultraconservative Anastasio Bustamante steals election and takes reprisals against the losers (Liberals). Liberal revolt (1828-29).

1829 Vicente Guerrero president

    Spanish invade Tampico

    Slavery abolished

1830 Bustamante overthrows government; becomes dictator

1831 Guerrero captured and executed

1832 Antonio López de Santa Anna drives Bustamante from Mexico City; "elected" President with Valentin Gómez Farías as VP.

1832-34 Gómez Farías usually acting president

1833 Laws of '33--liberal legislation.

1834 Santa Anna retakes presidency; rules as a centralist dictator

1835-36 Texas rebellion against centralism

1836 Santa Anna exiled. New centralist constitution.

1837 Bustamante president. Santa Anna returns.

1838 French "Pastry War" in Veracruz. Santa Anna loses leg.

1840 Liberal rebellion fails.

1841 Conservative rebellion succeeds. Santa Anna as dictator.

1842 Santa Anna retires to his hacienda; Nicolas Bravo in charge. New centralist constitution.

1843 Santa Anna chosen president.

1844 Revolt forces Santa Anna into exile again.

1845 U.S. annexes Texas. General Mariano Paredes overthrows government.

1846 War between Mexico and the United States begins. Paredes overthrown.

        Gómez Farías as acting president. U.S. helps Santa Anna to return.

        Santa Anna becomes president.

1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Santa Anna into exile. Liberal General José Joaquin Herrera becomes president

1851 Honest election brings Mariano Arista to power

1853 Conservative and clerical forces overthrow Arista and bring back Santa Anna, who then sells the Mesilla Valley (Gadsden Purchase)

1854-55 Liberal Revolution of Ayutla. Juan Alvarez as acting president but resigns in favor of Ignacio Comonfort

1856-57 Liberal Reform Laws

1858-61 War of the Reform

1861 Juárez returns to Mexico City. United Kingdom, France, and Spain take Veracruz. British and Spanish withdraw.

1862-67 French Intervention

1864-67 Maximiliano Hapsburg as Emperor of Mexico