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Fierro, Rodolfo

    Born in El Fuerte, Sinaloa, he worked on the railroad until he joined Pancho Villa. In the Battle of Tierra Blanca, a Federalist train was captured single-handedly by Fierro  who rode horseback until he could jump onto the last car. No bullets hit him, but he was able to kill the crew. From that moment on, he was a key Villa lieutenant. Fierro, always a daredevil and a man of great courage, specialized killing Villa's enemies, including prisoners of war, hence his nickname,   "El Carnicero" or "the Butcher." 
    He was a tall man with straight hair, a wide nose, a mean look, and "an insolent mouth." He treated women well and married a beautiful woman. 
    He died trying to cross a a stream  near Nuevo Casa Grandes on October 13th, 1915. The stream was swollen by heavy rains. He was laden with gold and he drowned on his second attempt.

Based on Juan López de Escalera, Diccionario Biográfico y de Historia de México. México, Editorial del Magisterio, 1964. pp. 359-60.

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