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González, Abraham

    This Revolutionary and politician was born in Ciudad Guerrero, Chihuahua in 1865. He finished his preparatory studies in the Instituto de Chihuahua and then went to University of Notre Dame in the US, where he had relatives. 
    When he returned to Mexico, he became a businessman who was devoted to liberalism. He got to know Francisco I. Madero and became one of the organizers of the Anti-Reelectionist Party in 1909. He became its state president and then moved to Mexico City as the Chihuahua delegate of the Party and met other Revolutionaries there. He was one of the first to nominate Madero for President and travel with him during his presidential campaign in 1910.
    When Porfirio Díaz was ousted as Mexico's president and the Revolutionaries began removing his supporters, González became interim governor of Chihuahua and then its elected president in 1911. Madero then appointed him as Secretary of Government in 1911; he became a close confidant. He was sent to Chihuahua to pacify it until 1913.
    When Victoriano Huerta overthrew Madero that year,  González was arrested and imprisoned the the National Palace. He was sent to Mápula, Chihuahua to be "judged," but he was assassinated there on March  7, 1913.

 Based on Juan López de Escalera, Diccionario Biográfico y de Historia de México. México, Editorial del Magisterio, 1964. pp. 433.

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