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Mexican Photographs, Part I

Mexico Photo Page

During the years I went to Mexico to do research, I was taking photographs for personal pleasure and to use in classes. Unfortunately, most people in the United States have erroneous visual images of Mexico; that has certainly been true of my students. So, I began to take photos that would help them better understand the country and its people. Some of the photos are of traditional subjects, of course. The collection certainly does not represent the rich, fascinating variety of sights/images in the country. In fact, they tend to be photos taken in and around Mexico City, where, as a historian, I spent most of my time in archives and libraries. I own the copyright to all of these photos except the ones copied from books.


For the Christmas and New Year's season of 1969-70, businesses and the Mexico City government decorated the Paseo de la Reforma with a wonderful display of lights. Below are some of those decorations. 

xmas2.gif (77797 bytes)    xmas3.gif (55489 bytes)
xmas9.gif (112436 bytes)    xmas12.gif (38163 bytes)
xmas14.gif (86929 bytes)     xmas15.gif (89376 bytes)
xmas11.gif (91672 bytes)     xmas13.gif (91769 bytes)
         xmas10.gif (48561 bytes)


These are some of my favorite people photos, taken during various visits to Mexico.

amigos.gif (220510 bytes)Amiguitos
005.gif (131627 bytes)Delivery man on bicycle, Mexico City (1970)

mujer.gif (53352 bytes)     Shoppers at a tianguis, Cuernavaca, 1983   

gente.gif (70865 bytes)     People in the Zona Rosa, Mexico City, 1983

zaragoza.gif (77527 bytes)Friends in Cuernavaca, 1969

003.gif (52447 bytes)     School children in Cuernavaca, 1969

021.gif (51151 bytes)     Man driving cart in northern Mexico

022.gif (86667 bytes)     Boy and a burro near railroad tracks, northern Mexico

71.gif (161031 bytes)     The Moreno brothers in Mexico City

77.gif (75730 bytes)Street band in Zona Rosa, Mexico City, 1983

78.gif (66249 bytes) Ice cream vendor, Mexico City, 1969

79.gif (64474 bytes)     Girl eating cotton candy, south Mexico City, 1969

039.gif (91499 bytes)     Cotton candy vendor, south Mexico City, 1969

80.gif (65013 bytes)     Waiting for the bus, Mexico City, 1974

60.gif (57077 bytes)     Man in San Luis Potosí street

62.gif (78912 bytes) Customers of a tortillería, Mexico City

043.gif (60568 bytes)     Man and burro, Taxco

048.gif (57406 bytes)     Pilgrims to the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City

050.gif (66892 bytes)     Street sweepers, Mexico City, 1970

051.gif (60969 bytes)     Street photographer (1966)

bullkill.gif (62541 bytes)    Bullfighters, Mexico City, 1970

astro.gif (40929 bytes)     Apollo 11 astronauts at the Monument to Independence, September, 1969