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U.S.S. Arizona

The second description appears to be more accurate.

U.S.S. Arizona (BB-39) (Pennnsylvania class.)

Displacement: 31,400 tons Armament:
Length: 608' 12 X 14 in. in triple turrets
Beam: 97'1" 14 X 5 in. in open casements
Draft: 28' 10" 4 X 3 in.
Speed: 21 knots 4 X 3 pdrs.
Complement: 915 2 X 21 in. torpedo tubes

From: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships, Naval History Division, Washington, 1968

Displacement: 37,654 tons Full Load (trial 1931, after rebuild) 34,207 tons Normal 32,600 tons Standard (Washington Treaty Measurement)

Dimensions: 608'0" Length Overall 600'0" Waterline Length 106'2 3/4" Maximum Beam 28'10" Mean Draft 30'1 3/4" Full Load Draft 33'3" Emergency Load Draft.

Armament: 12-14" /45 Mk.3 Main Guns in four triple turrents, 10-5"/51 Mk.15 in closed barrabets, 8- 5"/25 Mk11 in open mounts, 8-.50 cal. Mgs. in single mounts, NO TORPEDOES, these were removed in between 1922 and 1931. Arizona also carried two 3pnd saluting cannons, and four one pnd sub caliber guns for ranging atop each 14" turrent. Also lastly she had one 3" landing gun for the boats and two 1 pnd gun and two .30 cal mgs. NO 1.1 inch AA guns had been installed at the time of the Dec. 7th attack, only their gun tubs and loading machinery.

All information comes from Leeward Pubs. Ship Data no.3 and Stillwells book Battleship Arizona.