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English Translation of Communique No. 42 Dated November 14, 1993. The Islamic Salvation Front National Provisional Executive Bureau

Algiers, November 14, 1993

Allah has stated: "Do not incline toward those who do evil, for hellfire will seize you". And He also said: "This is an announcement to people, so that they be warned by it".  "What the illegitimate ruling junta has done in the past and is still engaged in pursuing, is an open war against Allah and his messenger (may peace be upon him). The junta is pursuing the path of evil, and the forbidding of the good, the destruction of the houses of Allah (mosques), the detention of the free, the scholars and the callers to the good. Its aggression on the human dignity, the punishment of the thousands of families, the betrayal of the people's and the martyr's covenant, the torture and killings, and judicial kidnapping through the use of the courts of shame (special courts). All the above is a clear  evidence on the junta's ideology with regard to its declared war on Islam and the people. It has been especially manifested in the past recent period during which the junta and its stooges have opted for a new strategy in their war against the Muslim People of Algeria. This strategy has been manifested through the round up of dozens of citizens from the safety of their homes and families, just to be killed and thrown in the streets later on. This type of operation has repeated itself in several places in the country. It is in addition to the dozens of victims killed elsewhere in the mountains and in the countryside. The  barbaric killings do remind us with the atrocities perpetrated by the Organization of the Secret Army. These atrocities are being carried out at a time in which the junta is calling for dialogue to gain time, reinforce its gains, and attempt to abort the struggle, and shake the unity of the (opponents') ranks.

  1. The Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) announces to the Muslim People of Algeria and to the entire world, that it rejects any dialogue or reconciliation which the putchist junta calls for. The betraying junta has no observance for agreements or covenants. We shall not accept any alternative to the Islamic State, nor any other choice except a radical change, in both men, and project of society, according to the exalted Islamic Shari'a.
  2. The Algerian people, and the Islamic Salvation Front are alert and following very closely the acts of the junta and especially its attempts to mortgage the sovereignty of the country and the future of generations to come in order to satisfy its greed for authority. Exploiting the (economic) difficulties of the population, the junta is engaging in deals-making with some  former colonial powers which are seeking privileges to suck the resources of the country, and seize the opportunity to attack the ideological, historical and social makeup of the people. For this the Algerian people, and the Islamic Salvation Front will not honour any deal or agreement made with the ruling junta, in the absence of the people's true representatives as of the date of January 11, 1992. In addition, we inform the world public opinion that credits and economic aid accorded to the junta are being used specifically to cover the expenses of the repression apparatus and the misinformation campaign currently underway.

    Therefore the partners of the current regime, whose sole interest is to remain in power, are to be considered as  colonizers, and partners in the crime against the Algerian people. They have to assume their responsibilities regarding the consequences which would rise against their nationals and interests.

  3. The government of a foreign state, which raise the banner of human rights, champions the respect of the will of peoples, just to contradict these tenants by the round-up and detention of dozens of Algerians, and the support (both material and moral) accorded to the fascist junta which is ruling by guns and fire and which has crushed the ballot box with the might of the armoured tank. This foreign government is the true killer of its citizens (residing in Algeria), and is a direct danger to its own interests.

"Allah truly love those who fight in His Cause in battle array as if they were a solid cemented structure"

"..On that day, shall the believers rejoice with the victory from Allah".

For the National Provisional Executive Bureau; in Charge of the Commission on Information

SIGNED: Abdelrezak Rejjam.

Contributed by C. R. Pennell, University of Melbourne,