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General Order, 22 August 1943: No. 18, 7th Army

APO #758
U. S. Army

GENERAL ORDER, 22 August 1943: NUMBER 18

Soldiers of the Seventh Army:

Born at sea, baptized in, blood, and crowned with victory, in the course of 38 days of incessant battle and unceasing labor, you have added a glorious chapter in the history of war.

Pitted against the best the Germans and Italians could offer, you have been unfailingly successful. The rapidity at your dash, which culminated in the capture of Palermo, was equalled by the dogged tenacity with which you stormed Troina and captured Messina.

Every man in the Army deserves equal credit. The enduring valor of the Infantry, and the impetuous ferocity of the tanks was matched by the tire-less clamor of our destroyer guns. The engineers performed prodigies in the construction and maintenance of impossible roads over impassable country. The services of Maintenance and Supply performed a miracle. The Signal Corps laid over 10,000 miles of wire, and the Medical Department evacuated and cared for our sick and wounded.

On all occasions the Navy has given generous and gallant support. Throughout this operation, our Air has kept the sky clear and tirelessly supported the operation of the Ground troops.

As a result of this combined effort, you have killed or captured 113,350 enemy troops. You have destroyed 265 of his tanks, 2,324 vehicles, and 1,162 large guns, and in addition, have collected, a mass of military booty running into hundreds of tons.

But your victory has a significance above and beyond its physical aspect- you have destroyed the prestige of the enemy.

The President of the United States, the Secretary of War, the Chief of Staff, General Eisenhower, General Alexander, General Montgomery have all congratulated you.

Your fame shall never die.


Lieut.. General, U. S. Army, Commanding


JOSEPH J. KOHOUT, Capt., 26th Infantry, Pers Off