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Agreement Between Germany and France Relative to Morocco, February 9, 1909

Declaration. The Government of the French Republic and the Government of the German Empire, animated by the same desire: to facilitate the carrying out of the Algeciras Act, have agreed to accentuate the importance which they attach to its articles, with the view of removing every possibility of misunderstanding between them in the future. Therefore, the Government of the French Republic, entirely committed to maintain the integrity and the independence of the Shereefian Empire, determined to safeguard economic equality, and in consequence determined not to place any obstacle in the way of German commercial and industrial interests; And the Imperial German Government, seeking economic interests only in Morocco, recognizing, moreover, that the particular political interests of France are closely connected with the question of order and internal peace in Morocco, and resolved not to interfere with these interests, Declare they will neither pursue nor encourage any measure of a nature that might create in their favor or in favor of any other Power an economic advantage, and that they will endeavor to associate their respective citizens in affairs the exploitation of which may be granted to them.

Text from: Supplement to American Journal of International Law vol 6, 1912 31

Contributed by C. R. Pennell, University of Melbourne,