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Hile v. Webb Divorce Decree (1820)

1820 Hile v. Webb (Equity) volume 8, p 427

Rhode Island supreme court
	Be it remembered that at the December term of the Court of Common Pleas AD
1819 Sarah W Hill of Newport widow complains of Stephen H. Webb of or
commorant in Prov. in the said county of Porv, gentleman in an action of
the case for that whereas the Deft contriving & wrongfully & unjustly
intending to injure the pltf and to deprive her of the service and
apurtance of mary hile the daughter and servant of her the plef and from
whom services the pltf received great profit and advantage from the first
day of jan AD 1812 to the first day of Aug 1819 on the 30th day of july
1819 not being ignorant of the [principles|promises] and on divers other
days & times between that day & the other day of the date of the petf writ
at said providdence assaulted debauched & carnally knew the said mary then
& there & from thence a long space of time viz hitherto being the daughter
& servant of the pltf whereby the said mary became pregnant & sic with
child & so remained & continued for a long space of time viz from the said
first day of august to the day last mentioned by means of which during the
whole of said time last mentineod became and was unable to performe the
necessary affiars & business of the pltf being her mother as aforesaid
whereby the pltf during all that time was deprived of the servces of her
said daughter viz at said newport to with at providence and was also
obliged to & did necessarily pay lay out and expend divers sums of money to
with the sume of one thousand dollars in and about the running & taking
care of the her said daughter & servant to the damage of the pltf one
thousand dollars.
	And the deft comes into court and defends the force & injury & pleads the
general issue. This case being called the pltf submitted judgement.
therefore it is considered by the court that the deft have & recover of the
pltf his costs of defense taxed at $.
>From which judgement  the pltf appealed to the march term of this court AD
1820 & the case being continued to this present term is now called & the
appellee submits judgment for $80.  therefore it is considered by the court
that tht appellee recover & have the sum of eighty dollars debt or damages
& costs taxed at 21.32.  Febry 22 1821.