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East Central Europe, A History of

by Oscar Halecki

i. Title Page
ii. Copyright Information
iii. Preface
iv. Author

1. The Geographical and Ethnographical Background
2. The Slavs and Their Neighbors
3. Toward Political Organization
4. The Heritage of the Tenth Century
5. Internal Disintegration and Foreign Penetration
6. The Heritage of the Thirteenth Century
7. The New Forces of the Fourteenth Century
8. The Times of Wladyslaw Jagiello and Sigismund of Luxemburg, the Foundation of the Polish-Lithuanian Union and Queen Jadwiga
9. The Later Fifteenth Century
10. From the First Congress of Vienna to the Union of Lublin
11. The Later Sixteenth Century
12. The First Half of the Seventeenth Century
13. The Second Half of the Seventeenth Century
14. The End of the Ancien Regime
15. The Partitions of Poland and the Eastern Question
16. The Napoleonic Period
17. Revolutionary Movements until 1848
18. From the Crimean War to the Congress of Berlin
19. Toward World War I
20. The Consequences of World War I
21. The Peoples of East Central Europe between the Wars
22. International Relations between the Wars
23. Hitler’s War
24. Stalin’s Peace

A. Bibliography